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Do I Need a Transmission Fluid Cooler?

A transmission fluid cooler helps prevent heat from destroying your automatic transmission. It can cost $1000 or more to repair an automatic transmission. And 90% of all automatic transmission failures are caused by heat. The hotter automatic transmission fluid becomes, the more quickly it breaks down. This allows increased friction on transmission parts and creates even higher operating temperatures inside your transmission. The end result is an expensive repair bill.

Today's down-sized cars and trucks, with their smaller engine compartments and cooling systems, generate much higher engine and transmission operating temperatures. But a transmission fluid cooler reduces automatic transmission fluid temperatures by up to 20 degrees. That's why many automobile manufactures have recently started installing auxiliary transmission fluid coolers on selected new models. If you don't currently have an automatic transmission fluid cooler on your car, you may need one. It's a relatively small investment that can help prolong the life of your transmission and avoid costly transmission repair bills. 

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