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Tips for Automatic Transmission Care.


DO - Change your transmission fluid every year or every 15,000 miles.

DO - When you stop for gas, check your transmission fluid for level and color. If any discrepancies are noted, take your vehicle to a reputable transmission repair center for a closer look.

DO - Check your driveway or garage floor for signs of transmission fluid leakage. If you notice any leaks, have them repaired immediately. Driving your vehicle with low transmission fluid will cause serious transmission damage.

DO - If you notice irregular transmission performance such as slipping between shifts, erratic shifting, no shifting, no reverse, hesitation in the morning when the transmission is cold, loss of power in forward gears, or unusual noises such as grinding or whining, have your transmission checked by a transmission specialist. The longer you drive your vehicle with a malfunction, the more you will damage your automatic transmission.

DO - If you pull a trailer or carry heavy loads, or if you continually go on long trips, or if your engine has a tendency to run hot - consider having an external transmission oil cooler installed.

DO NOT - Shift into reverse until your vehicle has reached a complete stop.

DO NOT - Shift into park until your vehicle has reached a complete stop.

DO NOT - Rock your vehicle back and forth if you get stuck in mud, snow or sand.

DO NOT - Hot rod! Forcing gears to shift at maximum acceleration is just asking for trouble.


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